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Meet the lady behind the lens

“Make art. While everyone decides if they love or hate it, make even more art.” ― Andy Warhol

Michelle VanTine has been a full-time photographer since 2008 working all over the US and in the UK. The main focus of her work is creating scroll-stopping images for amazing brands and amazing people. She creates images that increase visibility, communicate high quality, and cut through the noise. She has had her work used by businesses such as Kreyol Essence, Benihana Fairmont Hotels, Body Glove, Spartan, Ulta, Whole Foods, and more. Her images have also been posted by people such Serena Williams, Ginuwine, and numerous world-record holding athletes. Named #5 of “Top Sports Photographers in Miami” in 2019, and #4 in 2021- she was the only female on the list both years.  As of 2022, she is a staff writer for FStoppers.  Her degree in Fine Arts brings a distinctive creative flair to her work and she works with a balance of artistic fun and technical excellence. 

Why Choose Me?


I have the equipment, knowledge , and  experience to light any scenario like a pro

Professional skills

I am timely, prepared, and polished


I’m rocking the highest end Canon gear and have as many lenses and gadgets as my girlfriends have lipsticks


Don’t let my wrinkle cream deceive you. After 4 years in College for Fine Arts,  and 4 years teaching art , I have been shooting full time since 2008


Creativity is my way to give you an advantage over the competition… and I have endless supplies of it

project management

Give it to me and forget it. It will be done on time, and excellently.