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My name is Michelle VanTine

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Let reality be reality. Let things flow forward in whatever way they like.” ― Lao Tzu

In College, I was on the NCAA Division I women’s crew team and training with an Olympic coach.  Countless hours of dedicated and single-minded conditioning got me there. In one brief moment, as my friend next to me sent a text while flying down 95, it all ended. After years of extensive rehabilitation, I had to redirect my focus away from athletics towards my second passion, art.  In 2008 I went full time as a professional photographer bringing the discipline and focus I had from my athletic training.  Fast-forward and in a wonderful marriage of personal passions I was honored with the title of “Top Sports Photographers in Miami” in 2019, and am continuing to create scroll-stopping images for amazing brands and amazing people.

Why Choose Me?


I have the equipment, knowledge , and  experience to light any scenario like a pro

Professional skills

I am timely, prepared, and polished


I’m rocking the highest end Canon gear and have as many lenses and gadgets as my girlfriends have lipsticks


Don’t let my wrinkle cream deceive you. After 4 years in College for Fine Arts,  and 4 years teaching art , I have been shooting full time since 2008


Creativity is my way to give you an advantage over the competition… and I have endless supplies of it

project management

Give it to me and forget it. It will be done on time, and excellently.